Introduction to Otimax yam Pounder

In the olden days pounded yam is one of the most delicious meal in Nigeria especially in the rural areas, and preparing this meal can be tedious with the use of a mortar and pestle, but over the years as technology advances and people in the city develop great likeness for this meal there was need for more easy means of preparing this meal because not everyone has the strength of throwing pestle, now you can prepare pounded yam without much struggle with Otimax yam pounders.

Enjoy the fun of pounding yam with the wide range of size and model of Otimax Yam Pounder Machine at the best price in Nigeria. With OTIMAX YAM POUNDER, you can enjoy pounded yam without undue stress and sweat, with our wide selection, you can avail yourself and start enjoying soft, hygienic, hot, smooth and stress less pounded yam in less than a minute with any soup of your choice. Looking for a yam pounder that is durable and efficient? OTIMAX YAM POUNDER is the answer, as it is fantastic in pounding YAM, CASSAVA, PLANTAIN AND EVEN COCO YAM.



Otimax Yam Pounder is a special yam pounding machine that Pounds Yam or Fufu in less than 1 minute. All you need to do is “boil the yam, plug the machine to socket, turn the nub on  and allow to pound; supporting the glass lid to avoid damage and in less than 1 minute your pounded yam is ready”.