Pounded yam as it is fondly called is a delicacy that commands respect and preference and often ranked topmost in a typical Nigerian menu list. It is an all carbohydrate food prepared traditionally by pounding boiled yam in a wooden mortar for a considerable period of time until desired texture is attained, example, the smoothness or elasticity.

However the pounding process is not an easy exercise.

While some homes and eating houses can afford the time and energy it takes to produce this cherished delicacy for domestic and commercial purpose, studies have shown that the traditional method of pounding yam can expose food to contamination due to dripping sweat and mucus from the body of the person doing the pounding. The activities of houseflies’ fungal growth in the internal walls of the wooden mortar and pestles after washing and kept for a longtime also constitute another source of food contamination.

There also exist some category of people who cannot afford the time, energy and the associated inconveniences involved in yam pounding both for household use and commercial purpose. Technically speaking, converting boiled yam into pounded yam can simply be termed as a TASK.

Otimax Yam Pounding Machines are electro-mechanical devices designed to perform the task of converting boiled yam into pounded yam by a mechanical process that is electrically and electronically controlled.

Our technology is indigenous both in concept, design and performance. We ensure you enjoy the top and quality pounded yam at all time. Otimax Yam Pounder is original, No.1 in AFRICA in terms of quality and durability and it is generally regarded as the Best Pounded Yam Machine in Nigeria.

1. Otimax Yam Pounder is durable
2. Unbeatable performance
3.Easy to maintain
5. Well tested and Reliable
6. Produces Truly Nigerian type of Pounded yam
7. Better than pounded yam from mortar and pestle
8. Pound yam in less than 2 minutes
9.Stress less pounding.
10. Minimal power consumption.